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James LePore is an attorney who has practiced law for more than two decades. He is also an accomplished photographer (his work can be seen at He lives in South Salem, New York with his wife, artist, Karen Chandler.

A World I Never Made, his first novel, was written after extensive research into the history of Islam on the Iberian Peninsula, and travel in Europe and North Africa. Mr. LePore writes novels of suspense, driven as much by gripping stories as by strong, complex characters. His second novel Blood of My Brother, was released on December 25, 2010; his third, Sons and Princes, in May, 2011.

Mr. LePore is a writer of short fiction as well. His stories stand alone as dramatic works, but are also meant to illuminate the central characters in his novels.  Anyone Can Die, a collection of short stories written to accompany A World I Never Made, was  released in February, 2011.

Gods and Fathers is his fourth novel.
Published by The Story Plant
Cover Photo by Duncan Walker
Cover Design by Barbara Aronica-Buck

Set in New York, Matt DeMarco is an accomplished Manhattan attorney. His marriage ended badly and his ex-wife turned his son, Michael, against him. She went on to marry a very successful Arab businessman that complicates Matt’s life even more. They are out of town so Michael, now a graduate student, is staying with him. He thought things were bad when two of his son’s friends stopped by. There was just something off about them.

Later that night life goes out of control when two police officers he has known for years appear at his door with a warrant for his son’s arrest. He is the prime suspect in a murder, Michael ‘s girlfriend has been found dead.

Matt is forced to quit his job and do everything he can do to clear his son, who he believes with all he heart and knowledge that he is innocent. The battle begins taking him places he never imagined existed.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This is the second book I have read in the last 2 weeks where a father is fighting to save his son. This is definitely the better story of the two.

It is an intense look at the lengths parents go to save and protect their children, with an engaging mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The pain, sacrifice, and anguish jump right off the page.

This is not the first LePore novel I have enjoyed. He has the knack of creating characters readers care about and complex plots that put them in danger. The international element mirrors reality prevalent in the world today. The story is well researched, there are no procedural gaffs that are usually present in the kind of novel. Like his other stories this one has the ripped from the headlines feel.

This thriller is “A Perfect Escape”, sit back and enjoy this fast paced dramatic ride, you will not be able to put it down!

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