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Special Post!! Amber Eyes by Jolyn Palliata

At the end of January I received an email from Jolyn saying a friend told her about my blog and that I liked to feature Wisconsin Authors, which of course I do. Then I read the next line of the email and got a little nervous because Jolyn writes paranormal romance. By now you all know my feelings, nice ghosts and witches are o.k., vampires, werewolves, and zombies not my thing. After a trip to to check out her books, I found one that sounded like something I would like. So I wrote back to her and said I would give Amber Eyes a try, no promises, and that I probably wouldn’t get to it until mid-February. The book arrived, Jolyn sent me her bio (which I will share), and then I left her up in the air until last week. I told her I had read the book, my review would appear today, not to worry and thanked her for sending me the book I am now going to tell you about. I did tell her what I thought of the book too. I am not that mean.

She will even be stopping by to answer any questions or comments so please show her some love!!

Amber Eyes (Entwined Souls Trilogy – Book One)

Lexi survives a horrible accident, her best friend is not so lucky. After trying to deal with her grief with the help of her friends and family, her life starts to get back on track when she meets Dez, a new guy at school. He has the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, she can’t help but gaze into them. She seems to have so much in common with Dez it is almost unbelievable. Then Lexi starts to have the most vivid dreams that seem to drag her back in time and into the arms of a very familiar stranger, Dez. Lexi shares her dreams with him and he changes her world forever with two simple words. Soul Mates.

Lexi feels so safe with Dez, things have never been better, but lingering in the shadows in something evil. Something that is a threat to her very existence and to a love she knows has transcended through time.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Hold on to your seats because I am surprised as you are, I LOVED this story.

It is beautifully written and went in a direction I didn’t truly expect.  I know the book cover says Entwined Souls but it was surprising to me where the author takes us. I have to be careful because part of the charm of this book is the surprises.

These high school age characters wormed their way right into my heart and wouldn’t let go. The range of emotions so vast and vivid. The setting, here in Wisconsin, places a native will recognize, even though the exact place in not named added to my enjoyment. I also loved the kitty in the story. One particular part had me laughing out loud. 

I do not usually read young adult or much paranormal but it is books like this that have me changing my reading comfort level.  If you are fan of these genres this a book to pick up today. If like me you are usually not comfortable in those areas this is the book and the author that will have you second guessing yourself. I am calling this one a must read and a perfect escape!!!

 About This Author

Jolyn’s writing career began in 2009 when she looked across the sea of cubicles at work, and thought, “I was meant for something more than this.” That thought was immediately followed by, “I wonder if I can write a novel.” Four novels and one novella later, that question has been answered. She started with Amber Eyes (Entwined Souls Trilogy – Book One), a young adult paranormal romance. They always say, with the first book, you write about what you know. And she certainly did! Drawing off her teenage years in Oshkosh, WI, Jolyn incorporated her high school and favorite haunts. She even pulled out her favorite music from back then to help recapture the teenager within.

Jolyn has absolutely no qualifications whatsoever to be a writer, other than a knack and a passion. The knack she worked hard for through betas, critique partners, writer sites, editors, etc, but the passion she’s had since she was in middle school.

Being married, and mother to one very precocious six-year-old, doesn’t leave her with a whole heckofalot of time to write – not to mention working full-time – but that is where lack of sleep comes in very handy. Jolyn has a gift of functioning on minimal sleep when totally absorbed by a writing project…although she crashes like dead weight when it’s fully completed/edited (usually 2-3 months later).

Her currently listing of published books includes:

Random information and quirks about Jolyn (because everyone has them):

  • She likes to listen to loud music. Period. But especially when she has a headache (helps to drown it out).
  • When she’s overtired, she gets slaphappy. (Heaven help those around her.)
  • She titles a book before she writes it, because she’s anal enough to where that would bother her.
  • She can’t walk into a Barnes and Noble without buying a book. Even if she has a pile of unread books at home (which she does), it just doesn’t seem right to leave empty-handed.

Now for a true treat and surprise!!! Jolyn is letting me give a copy of this wonderful book away!!!!  Interested???

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