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My April Just For Fun Read – Come Home by Lisa Scottline

just for fun 2014This is a challenge to help us get some of those books on out To-Be Read stacks read without the pressure of a review (unless we want to) or meeting any other challenge. These books are read totally Just For Fun.

comehomeCome Home
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press (April 10, 2012)
Hardcover: 384 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1617938337
Paperback: 400 pages (February 26, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1250023297
E-Book File Size: 492 KB
ASIN: B00603QR2Q


Jill Farrow is a typical suburban mom who has finally gotten her and her daughter’s lives back on track after a divorce. She is about to remarry, her job as a pediatrician fulfills her—though it is stressful—and her daughter, Megan, is a happily over-scheduled thirteen-year-old juggling homework and the swim team.

But Jill’s life is turned upside down when her ex-stepdaughter, Abby, shows up on her doorstep late one night and delivers shocking news: Jill’s ex-husband is dead. Abby insists that he was murdered and pleads with Jill to help find his killer. Jill reluctantly agrees to make a few inquiries and discovers that things don’t add up. As she digs deeper, her actions threaten to rip apart her new family, destroy their hard-earned happiness, and even endanger her own life. Yet Jill can’t turn her back on a child she loves and once called her own.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I had seen several great reviews of this story when it first came out and added it to my wish list. My wish was recently fulfilled when the book was sent to me by PaperBackSwap. If you are addicted to reading the way I am you really need to check out PaperBackSwap, they are a huge part of the reason my To-Be-Read Bookshelf is overflowing.

This book really shines a light on the relationship of mothers and daughters, whether they be your own biological child or step-children you come to love when you create a new family. I absolutely loved they way Jill really had no distinction even though after the divorce her ex kept his daughters away from her. When one of them came to her for help she was right there for HER. It also depicts how a new man would feel about these children reentering her life while he was trying to create a new life with Jill. These were not little girls, they are young women and at times I thought he was a real butt-head about the situation.

The mystery of the ex-husband’s death had some very suspenseful moments and a big twist. I don’t think any of these things could actually happen anywhere but in a book but they kept the pages turning.   I did have a slight problem with the dialogue, it just didn’t sound or flow right at times.

I think Lisa Scottoline had a interesting concept with a mom turning into a real Supermom, but it wasn’t completely executed in the final story. With that said I am a mom of divorced son with a daughter and I hope the woman he brings into their life loves his daughter as much as Jill loved her stepdaughters.

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*This book was from my personal collection.

Find out more about Lisa Scottoline and her books on her webpage here.