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Flashback Friday – Murder on Route 66 by Glenn Nilson – #Review / #Giveaway

On Flashback Fridays I will share with you the books I missed when they were first
released that have been screaming at me from my To-Be-Read bookshelf.

This author was not on my radar until he contacted me earlier this year about a book tour for the sequel to it Murder on the Mother Road. After reading it I added this book which released back in July 2011 to my To Be Read list immediately.


Murder on Route 66
Cozy Mystery/ Amateur Sleuths
Setting – New Mexico
Mainly Murder Press (July 1, 2011)
Paperback: 240 page
ISBN-13: 978-0982795293



Bobby Navarro, bad-boy biker with a big heart, interrupts a cross-country trip on his Harley to help the cook of a New Mexico cattle ranch. New challenges, an “adoptive family”, even a new girlfriend—life seems perfect. Then, Bobby finds his boss robbed, beaten and stabbed to death.

Bobby lets himself be talked into staying on as cook for the ranch until a replacement can be found, and promises Tim, the victim’s son, he’ll find the killer. His attempt at sleuthing angers the detective in charge of the case, infuriates Ned, the ranch foreman, who resents Bobby’s friendship with the family, and raises major concerns on the part of Bobby’s girlfriend, Sally.

Police focus on the cook of a neighboring ranch, owner of the murder weapon, but who Bobby believes to be innocent, and on Bobby himself. Bobby looks for evidence against a pack of three bikers who admit to the savage beating preceding his boss’s murder, and a bum who has come into extra spending money following the murder/robbery.

Before Bobby solves the murder, Ned fires him, his girlfriend dumps him, and somebody rams into the back of his Harley, hurtling him off into the desert night—a bundle of cuts, bruises, and twisted steel wreckage. Worse, someone wants to kill Tim as well.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I read Mr. Nilson’s books in reverse order but that is not an issue because they are perfect as stand alones.

Our protagonist Bobby Navarro is on road trip along Route 66 when he decides to stop a while and work on a ranch in New Mexico as the cook’s assistant. He feels right at home and quickly becomes friends with the cook, his wife and son. Then Bobby find his new boss dead in a parking lot. He vows to the man’s family to find the killer. He also stays on at the ranch to cook until a new one can be hired. Police have set their sights on a cook from another ranch but after meeting the man Bobby thinks they’re wrong and delves into his own investigation. The detective in charge of the case and the ranch foreman are both upset about that. His investigation takes him into some scary situations and there is even an attempt on his life. But there is too much at stake for him to give up.

Bobby Navarro has a heart as big as all outdoors, not your typical bad-boy biker. He makes friends at the ranch and a new girlfriend in town. Both put him in precarious straights as the girlfriend’s ex is the detective on the case and there is more going on at the ranch than meets the eye.

As with the author’s other book, the reader is drawn in immediately by Navarro’s real down to earth personality. This is just a temporary stop along the highway for him. He has no real set plans and a job that he can go back to at any time. A job that he needed a break from because it is a dangerous one. Who knew a road trip could be more dangerous? I love this man’s persistence and his fight to right wrongs and get to the truth for people he basically has just met.

The author has laid out quite a plot with twists that turn the story upside down. I had an inkling but never expected the whole way the story actually wrapped up.

Nilson’s stories are unusual because there are not too many cozies out there with male leads and Bobby is edgier than the few I can think of off the top of my head, but his books take place in small towns, have its share of quirky characters and the murders take place without any gory details and the romance never gets explicit. There is also the necessary humor to life the reader away from the tragic situations from time to time. The author calls his work ” a man’s cozy”, but I have really enjoyed both books.

If you are in the mood for something a little different I encourage you to try either of this author’s books. I just hope we don’t have to wait another 5 years for his next one.

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Author Photo

About The Author –

Glenn grew up on a farm in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, hiking, hunting, even panning for gold.  After college, he served as an officer in the Navy, then earned a doctorate in sociology and taught at a branch of the State University in Connecticut. There, he developed, directed and taught a criminal justice program. Upon retirement, the West drew him back, this time to New Mexico, the setting for his first novel, Murder on Route 66. Currently, Glenn divides his time between living in rural Florida and up-state New York, writing and refurbishing an 1870’s-era, creek-side cottage.  Whenever possible, he enjoys cooking, riding his own motorcycle and camping.

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Cozy Wednesday with Jill Amadio – Author of Digging Up the Dead #Review / #Giveaway

cozy wednesday 2013 640

Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

I am so happy to well Jill Amadio to Escape With Dollycas today!

Capture jill


After promoting my new crime novel to the usual online, broadcast, and print mystery media where I hoped (okay, begged) for reviews and interviews I realized: there are many other publicity outlets worth approaching that are outside-the-box and neglected by many authors.

“Yes, indeed,” I wrote to a gentleman in Virginia, USA. “I believe I am definitely qualified to join your organization. My family played an active part in the St. Ives community when we lived there”.

digging too deepThis email conversation with the Cornish-American Heritage Society came about after my book, “Digging Too Deep: A Tosca Trevant Mystery”, was published. I had endowed my amateur sleuth with a vocabulary of Cornish cusswords and a penchant for brewing tongue-curling medieval mead from the land of the piskies. My initial reason for seeking out the Society was to get back in touch with my roots and because my main character is a Cornishwoman. I was worried I’d forgotten parts of my heritage by living in California!

The Society has a newsletter that reports on various goings-on in Cornwall and on ex-pats. One delicious news item that caught my eye was that the Duchy of Cornwall was contemplating opening up an embassy in London now that the Cornish are finally recognized as an official minority. Raise the drawbridge! Tosca can have fun with that in her next book in the series, I thought. Then, Lo and behold, I noted that the newsletter also ran book reviews. Well, icing on the cake. The review and a blurb of my book appeared in the next issue. I noted, too, that with the Society holding events all over the U.S they provide signing opportunities. Their next meeting is in San Diego, California where I am invited to talk. When I attended the international Gathering of the Cornish Bards in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last month I had a book table and sold out.

On my website,, I added a page about St. Ives that includes a photo of its 1312 pub, The Sloop Inn, which is still selling pints. A topic for a future article for the brewing trade publications? I also sent a copy of the book to the St. Ives Archive which maintains an online site as well as a gift shop that sells books. (Shouldn’t I be hired by the Cornwall Council as a roving ambassador?)

Another avenue for publicity came from a friend in New York, a leading classical music critic. He writes an internationally-syndicated column for distributed in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and on the island of Karguella for all I know. He’d helped with research for the music in “Digging Too Deep” and surprised me with a lengthy review. After it appeared in the Bangkok Post, Thailand I heard from a reporter I worked with years ago. She now owns a specialty museum that I’ll include in a future book. Again, grist for the mill and an addition to her Facebook page.

digging up the deadSome authors combine their non-literary careers with the fiction they write and are able to pursue marketing on both fronts. British-born crime novelist Sheila Lowe, a certified forensic handwriting examiner and president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, bases her protagonist in the Claudia Rose series on her daily job. Lowe’s expertise and testimony in court cases gains her entry and access to legal publications, legal blogs, and online sites where she can discuss real cases involving forensic graphology and at the same time promote her novels, even if only as a tagline.

“Using handwriting analysis as my platform,” Lowe said, “makes it easier to promote my series. Last year I testified in the high profile murder trial of Karl Christian Gerhartsreiter, a con artist better known as ‘Clark Rockefeller’. Having analyzed the defendant’s handwriting I can blog on what it says about his personality and the motives behind his crimes, and mention my crime novels.”

Lowe does the same in cases against kidnappers, serial killers, bombers, and other criminals which become fodder for plots and publicity. She is often interviewed on television and in national newspapers to comment on current cases and has analyzed the signatures of President Barack Obama as well as the writing of famous athletes.

Author Diane Vallere spent over 20 years in the fashion industry and her passion for shoes, clues and clothes encouraged her to base the fashionista sleuth in her Material Witness crime series on her own life. Her tongue-in-cheek book titles include ‘Suede to Rest”, “Some Like It Haute”, and “Designer Dirty Laundry”.

“I reached out to a Los Angeles fashion blogger”, said Vallere, “who now reviews and tweets about all my books. For my Sleuthing in Style crime series I designed paper dolls and outfits, and for my Mad for Mod series I advertise in a mid-century mod magazine, with great results.”

The list of custom blogs, like this one of Lori’s, for just about every subject on the planet is growing by the week and looking for content. If you write about wine, gourmet cheese or other foods are you or your publicist sending review copies to bakers’ and grocery organizations for their blogs and newsletters? To crafts and pet magazines? How about a review copy to women farmers’ associations? The Internet is chock full of hobby newsletters that probably one of your characters enjoys although I doubt there is a milkmaids fellowship.

I used to write an automotive column and sent my book, which features a vintage Austin-Healey, to my pals at car magazines. Alumni and club publications, too, welcome notices of new books. Hit them up for a talk and write on their blog. Platforms such as these provide ideas for finding new and unusual opportunities to promote your book. Turn over that stone!


digging up the dead


Digging Up the Dead (The Tosca Trevant Mysteries)
2nd in Series
Cozy Mystery
Setting – California
Mainly Murder Press (March 1, 2016)
Paperback: 254 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0986178054



A mysterious gemstone, and lost manuscripts offer banished Brit journalist Tosca Trevant a chance to earn her way back to her beloved Cornwall and her job in London. The strange happenings at her California island home include a woman dropping dead practically at Tosca’s feet, a famous author’s works showing up under suspicious circumstances, and a creepy collector of rare musical instruments. Helped by retired Secret Service Agent Thatch MacAuley and a few well-placed Cornish cuss-words, Tosca digs deep to track down the killer.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

What do you do when you are a Cornish journalist that has been exiled to the United States? Tosca Trevant sticks her nose into any piece of news she can in hopes of being welcomed back across the pond. Even a murder!! Retired Secret Service Agent Thatch MacAuley does his best to keep her safe and out of trouble but she sure doesn’t make it easy.

I missed the first installment of this series that I assume explains the whole Tiara Tittle-Tattle column that upset the royals and landed her in the states. She has made herself quite at home in this story. She has landed in the Laguna-Newport Beach area rubbing elbows with some very elite individuals. Her sleuthing takes her into some dangerous places and she doesn’t learn from her mistakes. She boldly goes in without much of a plan at all and not just once but twice. It was frustrating for me. Like those scary movies when we all know they should be running away from the chainsaws yet the characters run toward them anyway. Common sense is lost when Tosca Trevant follows the clues but her Cornish idioms did made me laugh.

Everything really takes off at a fundraising party thrown by landscaper Karma Sanderson to build the Fuller Sanderson library where we meet most of the characters. An eclectic group from many walks of life.  I did enjoy all the characters.

The mystery is very clue based, musical instruments, manuscripts, and poisonous plants play key roles. Several twists take place but I did zero in on the killer before Tosca.  I was surprised I was right!

This is a fun, quick read that you can dig right into. You my want to read Digging Too Deep first and meet Tosca from the start. 

enjoyable 2016

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About The Author

Jill Amadio has worked as a reporter in England, Spain and Thailand and a crime reporter in the U.S. She is the author and co-author of several biographies, as well as a ghostwriter of fiction, non-fiction, and true crime. Her book, Gunther Rall: Luftwaffe Ace and Nato General, was a bestseller and is now on available for the Kindle and Nook e-book readers. Originally from St. Ives, Cornwall, the land of mead and piskies, she has lived on both the East and West Coasts of the United States. She presently lives in Dana Point, California. For more information about Jill and her books, please visit

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”