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Maple Leaf Mystery Conference May 24 – 28, 2022

What is the Maple Leaf Mystery Conference?

Maple Leaf Mystery Conference is a virtual thrill for mystery lovers, with daily Author Spotlight sessions and panel discussions with renowned authors. Tickets for the entire 5-day event can be purchased for just $25! Daily Author Spotlights include sessions with Ian Rankin, Maureen Jennings, Vicki Delany, Rick Mofina, and Iona Whishaw. Enjoy Panel Discussions with top Canadian Authors of Cozy, Humour, Thriller, and more! If you are a mystery author or mystery enthusiast, Maple Leaf Mystery Conference is your must-attend event of the year! 

Which city is this conference taking place in?

The Maple Leaf Mystery Conference is a virtual conference with featured authors and panelists from across Canada and abroad. Attendees will join the conference via Zoom.

Do I need Zoom to join the conference?

Participants will join the conference via Zoom. Participants can join the Zoom sessions through their browser, or download Zoom to their device prior to the event for quick access. Participants do not need to buy a Zoom subscription to join the conference.

When will I receive instructions on how to join the conference?

Participants will receive Zoom instructions and coordinates via email roughly 1 week prior to the conference.

How do I find out which authors are speaking and when panels are taking place?

Maple Leaf Murder Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 24 7 – 9:15 pm EST

7 pm: Author Spotlight Maureen Jennings (Interviewed by Helen Nelson)

8:15 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Des Ryan – It Really Happened/True Crime

Wednesday, May 25 7 – 9:15 pm EST

7 pm: Author Spotlight Rick Mofina (Interviewed by Del Chatterson)

8:15 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Joan O’Callaghan – Deadly Laughter

Thursday, May 26 7 – 9:15 pm EST

7 pm: Special Event

8:15 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Lynn McPherson – Cozy Corner

 Friday, May 27 2 – 8 pm EST

2 pm: Author Spotlight Ian Rankin (Interviewed by Melodie Campbell)

3:15 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Merrilee Robson – The Big Short

4:30 pm: Author Spotlight Iona Whishaw (Interviewed by Brenda Chapman)

5:45 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Hyacinthe Miller – Changing Faces in Crime

7 pm: Author Panel – Jim Napier – New Voices in Mystery

Saturday, May 28 2 – 8 pm EST

2 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Judy Penz Sheluk – Maple Leaf Murder East

3:15 pm: Author Spotlight Vicki Delany (Interviewed by Mary Jane Maffini)

4:30 pm Author Panel – Moderator Barbara Fradkin – Thrilling and Chilling

5:45 pm Author Panel – Moderator Donna Carrick – Love with a Mysterious Twist

7 pm: Author Panel – Moderator Joanna Vander Vlugt – Maple Leaf Murder West

Do I need to register for each conference panel or event that I want to attend?

No. Participants are invited to attend any (or all!) of the conference panels and events via Zoom. Instructions and coordinates will be provided via email to all participants.

Will there be a book store like at in-person conferences?

Yes, we will make a link to our official book store available to all attendees, where you’ll be able to check out and purchase books from your favourite attending authors.

I cannot attend all of the conference sessions. Will the sessions be recorded for viewing later on?

Yes! Our conference sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing later on through our Writers First Youtube channel.

Sounds like a fun and informative event! It’s easy to register –
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