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Review: Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

summer rental

Summer Rental
St. Martin’s Press (June 7, 2011)
Woman’s Fiction
Hardcover: 416 pages
ISBN-10: 0312642695

Summer Rental

Sometimes, when you need a change in your life, the tide just happens to pull you in the right direction….

Ellis, Julia, and Dorie. Best friends since Catholic grade school, they now find themselves, in their mid-thirties, at the crossroads of life and love. Ellis, recently fired from a job she gave everything to, is rudderless and now beginning to question the choices she’s made over the past decade of her life. Julia—whose caustic wit covers up her wounds–has a man who loves her and is offering her the world, but she can’t hide from how deeply insecure she feels about her looks, her brains, her life.  And Dorie has just been shockingly betrayed by the man she loved and trusted the most in the world…though this is just the tip of the iceberg of her problems and secrets. A month in North Carolina’s Outer Banks is just what they each of them needs.

Ty Bazemore is their landlord, though he’s hanging on to the rambling old beach house by a thin thread. After an inauspicious first meeting with Ellis, the two find themselves disturbingly attracted to one another, even as Ty is about to lose everything he’s ever cared about.

Maryn Shackleford is a stranger, and a woman on the run. Maryn needs just a few things in life: no questions, a good hiding place, and a new identity.  Ellis, Julia, and Dorie can provide what Maryn wants; can they also provide what she needs?

Five people questioning everything they ever thought they knew about life. Five people on a journey that will uncover their secrets and point them on the path to forgiveness. Five people who each need a sea change, and one month in a summer rental that might just give it to them.*

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Reading this book in December warmed me right up. While pretty predictable it is well written with engaging characters set in one of my favorite places in the United States.

The surprise element was the addition of Maryn. At first she really didn’t fit in with the story but Andrews made it work. Like the rest of the woman she was at a crossroads in her life – a dangerous one. Since I usually read mysteries I enjoyed this character being inserted into the group of life long friends.

Friendship, romance, humor with a bit of mystery makes this an entertaining beach read at any time of year. You really can’t go wrong with a Mary Kay Andrews novel.

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About the Author

Mary Kay Andrews is the New York Times bestselling author of The Fixer Upper, Deep Dish, Blue Christmas, Savannah Breeze, Hissy Fit, Little Bitty Lies, and Savannah Blues.  A former journalist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Visit Widgets

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This book was from my private collection.