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Special Guest – Susan B. Mead – Author of Dance With Jesus – Giveaway too!

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As most of you know my son took his own life on March 15. Shortly after that Susan wrote to me asking me to review her book. She didn’t know about Kris. I explained my situation and explained that while I would not be able to review at this time I would be happy to have her guest post and that I would spotlight the book. So I am happy to welcome her here today. There will be a time when I will be able to read her book and I will review it at that time.

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Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (March 31, 2015)
Hardcover: 130 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1630473099
Paperback: 130 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1630473075

When we are lost in the storms of grief, only God can pierce the darkness. How can a broken, bewildered woman who lost . . . Her sister, a brilliant PhD nurse, to suicide Her youngest son to respiratory distress caused by an accidental drug-alcohol interaction, on the night of her brother-in-law’s memorial service Her sister-in-law to cancer, four years to the day after her son’s death . . . want to get out of bed and live—out loud and in color?

Simple. God revealed Himself to her and breathed life back into every nook and cranny of her very being.

In Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace, author Susan B. Mead shares her personal story of how God came to her in the midst of grief with a display of love, insight and comfort far beyond her expectations. Have you ever: Held the Hand of God? Felt God caress your broken heart? Heard Him speak out loud? Seen Jesus dancing with your lost loved one? Seen your loved one in the holy presence of God—on His Mercy Seat? Do you want to? In her vibrant, inspiring, and up-close-and-personal style, Susan freely shares how her encounters with God in the midst of overwhelming grief led her to a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him that truly restored her soul. Are you ready to laugh through the tears and dance—with Jesus?
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Finding Grace in the Midst of Grief
Susan B Mead

Have you lost someone who matters to you? Most of us have or will experience loss in our lives and it’s never easy, even when the loss is anticipated. Why do I ask this question?

I simply want to share my journey to inspire, empower and equip others… You too can find grace in the midst of grief.

In 2004, I lost Bette, my younger sister and a brilliant PhD nurse, to suicide…
In 2008, I lost Kyle, my 20 year old college-aged son, to drugs and alcohol, and
In 2013, I was in the grandstands cheering on Amby Burfoot, my cousin, as he ran the 45th anniversary of winning the Boston Marathon, only to see the first bomb explode directly across the street…

I came to realize that things get broken, discarded or replaced, yet PEOPLE MATTER. And I wanted to make time for the people who matter most to me.

Has something rocked your world, making you want – or need – to change?

Are you looking for an example as you:
Work through your grief?
Learn to LIVE again?

What did I do on my journey?

I leaned on God – heavily! And I looked up and out of the darkness within me to find light and love surrounding me. Looking inward simply H U R T too much; I found when I turned to the Word of God, I was comforted. And baby step by tiny baby step, verse by verse, His light flickered within me. Today, it overflows and I thank God for the gift of His grace. I also looked to friends who had loved and lost. If they could live and love again, I figured I could too, even if it was a slow journey. That’s how I moved from grief to grace.

My prayer for you is that God shines the brightest light in your darkest moments and shows up when you need him most. If I can turn the corner from broken to blessed, from grief to grace, there is hope that you can too. I don’t pretend that grieving is easy, but my story, as told in Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace, proves that healing is possible.

Would you like to enter to enter the giveaway for a copy of Susan’s book, Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace? Please leave the comment “I want to read Dance With Jesus” at One winner will be selected and notified within a week.

Until next time, Susan

susan meadAbout The Author

Susan B. Mead is an author, speaker, chaplain and mom. She authored the book, Dance with Jesus: From Grief to Grace, which hit #1 Amazon Hot New Release in Christian Grief the day it released. Susan spent 22+ years with Johnson & Johnson until she retired 10-years early because she realized things get broken, discarded and replaced in life, yet people matter…

Susan has been married to the love of her life, Holt, since 1979 and is the mom of 2 “boys.” Her sons are Matt, who lives in South Louisiana, and Kyle, who is in heaven dancing with Jesus. She lives in Coppell, Texas with Holt and 2 “old girls,” her labs, Brooklyn and Samantha.

For more information about Susan, visit her blog at



 It is a fact of life that we must all deal with grief in our lives and I have learned it is a process with no order or no set time frame. Faith helps many of us ease our pain. People matter and people are what keeps be getting up each and every day. Thank you Susan for visiting today.

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