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The Hidden Man by David Ellis

The Hidden Man
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Published by The Penguin Group

Jason Kolarich is a young, successful, smart attorney. Former college linebacker and a bit of a smart-ass. He is coming off a huge win in a very high profile case. He is also struggling to come to grips with a terrible tragedy that turned his life inside out.

Enter Mr. Smith. He has a case that Jason has to take on and there is only one month until the case comes to trial. He soon learns that the client is a childhood friend. Twenty-seven years ago two year old Audrey Cutler was taken from her home. The child’s body is never found. The police have a suspect but could never nail down enough evidence to convict him. Jason was close to this family. Audrey’s brother Sammy and Jason were like brothers. Sammy has been accused of murdering the man everyone thought murdered his sister. Mr. Smith demands Jason get Sammy acquitted without delay. He even provides witnesses and other possible suspects. Jason just has to follow Smith’s lead and free Sammy.

Of course Jason can’t just follow, he needs to dig to get to the truth even if he puts his own life in danger.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This is an author that knows his subject. He is an attorney with vast experience and it shows in his writing.

The plot is multifaceted with a really unexpected twist. The characters are razor sharp, some like Jason are instantly likable, but Mr. Smith is untrustworthy from the get go. 

The are parts of the story that are exciting but not edge of your seat thrilling. I feel this story is a wonderful crime drama that will keep you guessing as secrets are revealed.

This story makes me want to read more of this authors’s work and more about Jason Kolarich. Kola like Cola – Rich like rich. I will be reviewing the next book in the series Breach of Trustnext week!

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This book was from my private collection.