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Spotlight/Giveaway – Sea Change/Sex Change by T’Gracie and Joe Reese

sea change sex changeWhile I was away I missed my stop on the Sea Change/Sex Change Great Escapes Book Tour, so I am making up for that today!

Sea Change: A Nina Bannister Mystery
First in the Series!
Paperback: 286 pages
Publisher: Cozy Cat Press (May 14, 2013)
ISBN-13: 978-1939816085



Bay St. Lucy is a sleepy little Gulf Coast community––and that’s the way its residents like it. Most of them generally ignore the monstrous old Robinson mansion that sits in the center of town, until one day, insane old man Robinson dies and leaves the house and its accompanying fortune to the town. The residents are ecstatic and begin planning improved schools and cultural centers. Local retired school teacher and village elder Nina Bannister is sent to the man’s funeral in New Orleans and to represent Bay St. Lucy at the reading of his will. However, Nina returns from her trip saddened to report that a long lost Robinson relative has appeared to claim the entire inheritance. Almost immediately, the new owner––flamboyant Eve Ivory––arrives and announces her own plans to turn Bay St. Lucy into a extravagant vacation resort, not plans that anyone in this small town like at all and ones that will quickly lead to murder.

Sex Change: A Nina Bannister Mystery
By T-Gracie and Joe Reese
6th book in series
• Paperback: 226 pages
• Publisher: Cozy Cat Press (November 2 , 2014)
• ISBN-13: 978-1939816511




Retired school teacher Nina Bannister has not been idle in her golden years. Now, this famous resident of Bay St. Lucy, Mississippi, is heeding the call of duty again, by running as a replacement candidate for the U.S. Congress, when the state’s present Representative is killed in a plane crash. To her great surprise, Nina is elected, and––to her even greater surprise––she quickly finds that she is not cut out for the lowly life of a newbie––kowtowing to party leaders. When Nina suggests in an off-hand moment (which is secretly recorded by her staff and uploaded to social media) that the government would be better run by women, a nation-wide revolution begins, and Nina becomes its figurehead. Little does she know, however, that a lone disgruntled man is furious with her actions and intends to get his retribution against Nina and all of her followers. Can Nina bring about true change in Washington? Or will her nemesis bring about her demise before she even has a chance to start? This all happens when Nina Bannister goes to Washington and national politics undergoes a SEX CHANGE.

Authors Pam and Joe Reese (2)

About These Authors

Pam (T’Gracie) Britton Reese is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. She has published books about autism with LinguiSystems. She enjoys teaching and research, but is never happier than when plotting (with her husband) a new murder, or coming up with ways that Nina Bannister can solve it.

Joe Reese is a novelist, playwright, storyteller, and college teacher. He has published seven novels, several plays, and a number of stories and articles. He and his wife, Pam have three children: Kate, Matthew and Sam.

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