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Review – Volunteer For Murder by Tim Myers

volunteer for murderVolunteer for Murder
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When Vera Hobart stumbles into the soup kitchen, most folks think she’s drunk. When they take a closer look though, they realize that she’s been stabbed. As volunteers Seth Jackson and Gillian Graywolf dig into the murder, they find more than they ever could have imagined, or bargained for.



Dollycas’s Thoughts

I was looking for a book to complete my Alphabet Soup Challenge and found this book by Tim Myers. I have enjoyed books he has written as himself and under his various pseudonyms so I grabbed this one.

When Vera Hobart is killed the police turn immediately to the homeless community the soup kitchen serves for suspects because the knife used looks like one Penny, a soup kitchen regular carries. When Penny doesn’t show up that day for her meal it makes her look even more guilty. Seth, a retired cop and Gillian can’t believe Penny would kill anyone and with the help of a homeless man, Penny’s friend Ace, they are going to prove it.

Myers takes us into the homeless world but also into Vera’ Hobart’s richer world where they find quite a few more suspects. He has created characters with many layers. I really enjoyed Seth and Gillian’s relationship.  Gillian’s father was a cop too and he taught her well. The make a fantastic investigating  team much to the dislike of the detective assigned to the case. Seth retired early from the force after he had been shot on the job and that happened around the same day his first wife passed away and you can tell the wounds are still deep.  The rest are the characters are fully developed too.

Tim Myers is an expert at keeping us readers guessing.I changed my mind on the guilty party several times.

He does add this caveat an the Amazon for this book: This traditional mystery is just a little racier than my standard fare, but it still should be acceptable to many of my cozy readers! and he is right but it was more than acceptable. I really enjoyed this story. This is a stand alone book but I would love to revisit Seth and Gillian when they return from their vacation. This book was written back in 2011 so that is probably pretty unlikely. I an glad I “met” them for this story.

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Find out more about Tim Myers and his stories on his webpage here.

*This book was from my personal collection.

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Iced by Tim Myers & D.B. Morgan

Iced (suspense)
This is an e-book.

Patrick Wolf is an ex-cop who is trying to live life off the grid, cabin in the woods, no phones, a sanctuary, 20 acres in rural North Carolina. His grandfather left him the land but he never thought he would return to it. Funny how certain events turn your life upside down. He does have a girlfriend Jenna who has a daughter Kayla. The people of the nearby town know him and give him his space. He has no problem spending time alone just walking around his land. He is happy with his life.

Then he learns of a prison break across the state and quickly realizes his past will be coming back to hunt him down. He helped put his partner, a dirty cop, behind bars and at the trial told Wolf he would be coming after him. Kevin Cusp is on a mission to kill Patrick Wolf and nothing is going to stop him, not even a freak blizzard.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This is a whole new side to Tim Myers and I LIKE IT!!

This is definitely NOT the cozy mystery Myers is known for. This is a smart, edgy, suspenseful story with well developed characters. Myers experience shines in writing characters that both women and men will enjoy. The rekindled relationship between Jenna and Wolf has you rooting for them to be together and Jenna’s secret adds to the mix. The warped mind of Cusp is exactly what every good suspense novel needs, the perfect antagonist. Then there’s the chase and the snow and the mystery of how these former partners will come together for their showdown. Surprises, edge of your seat moments, well done!

I can’t wait to read more of Myers’ suspenseful stories as long as he continues to write the cozies I love too!

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This book was from my personal collection.