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Cozy Wednesday With Author Heather Blake (Giveaway too!)

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We all have our favorite genres and those we tend to avoid. For me I avoid anything with aliens, vampires, werewolves or zombies. Witches and ghosts also used to be included on that list. Paranormal stuff just wasn’t my “cup of tea”. But thanks to authors like Heather Blake I have changed my mind. I am one of those people she talks about in her post below. Maybe you are too!

Hi Heather!

Hi Everyone!


I knew that when I started writing the Wishcraft mysteries that some of my readers wouldn’t be as enchanted with them as I was. Mostly because of the content—after all, the stories center around witches, and some people just don’t do witches—as I heard discouragingly time and again.

I understand, I really do. I was in their position recently with Meg Cabot’s vampire series. I don’t particularly care for vampire books, but I love Meg Cabot’s books and her writing, so I gave the vampires a try. The result? I loved them. Lesson learned. I’d never let a stereotype dissuade me.

So my response to my readers? Give my books a try. Especially if you’ve read and enjoyed my other novels, give this series a chance. Trust me as an author, and trust my writing enough to deliver a satisfying story.

Most did. The result? They were…enchanted.


Because my books are all about the characters. Darcy, who stars in the Wishcraft mysteries, is just a woman trying to figure out who she is and how she belongs. She’s had more downs than ups, but she’s strong and willing to fight for what’s right. She’s relatable and flawed. And she just happens to be a witch.

Then there’s one of her sidekicks, the town historian with a long history, big talent as a clothing designer, a cranky disposition, and a penchant for biting. He’s also a mouse—something easy to forget as one gets wrapped up in the story.

The characters are unique and lovable, fun and endearing. They become…friends.

So for all of you who are on the fence about reading a “witch” book…give it a shot.

Maybe you’ll be enchanted, too.


 I have definitely been enchanted by these stories! Heather, I hope you come back again to visit soon!!

About This Author
Heather Blake (aka Heather Webber) is the author of over a dozen novels. She’s a Dr Pepper enthusiast, total homebody who loves to be close to her family, read, watch Reality TV (totally addicted, especially to competition shows), crochet, occasionally leave the house to hike the beautiful mountains in the northeast, bake (mostly cookies) and dreams of owning a house at the base of Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, VT. Heather grew up in a suburb of Boston, but currently, she lives in the Cincinnati area with her family and is hard at work on her next book. Find out more at

A Witch Before Dying:
A Wishcraft Mystery
2nd in Series
An Obsidian Mystery
Published by New American Library (August 7, 2012)
A Division of the Penguin Group
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0451237637
Cover Illustration by Bella Pilar

A Witch Before Dying (A Wishcraft Mystery, #2)

Darcy Merriweather is a wishcrafter who can grant wishes for anyone but herself. She works for her Aunt Ve’s personal concierge service, As You Wish.

Aunt Ve is feeling a bit under the weather plus she is trying to plan her wedding. Darcy is trying to help her but she also takes on Elodie Keaton as a new client.

Elodie’s mother has been missing for so long Elodie realizes that she can no longer afford to pay all the bills and keep her mother’s house. Her mother was a bit of a hoarder and Elodie hires Darcy to clean out the house so she can list it for sale. The motto of As You Wish is “No Job Impossible” but this house is close to impossible.  Darcy just starts to make a little headway through the piles of boxes, newspapers and other “treasures” when she makes a disturbing discovery. She finds Elodie’s mother’s body buried under all the chaos.

It has been over a year since Patrice Keaton was seen. She disappeared shortly after an argument  with her charmcrafter boyfriend. Darcy is determined to figure out just how Patrice ended up being part of her own collection. Was she killed in a fit of jealousy? Or was she killed because she had something someone else wanted? Darcy knows she doesn’t have much time and while she can’t grant her own wishes she has to make sure the wrong person’s wishes don’t come true.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
I am definitely enchanted by this story and its characters! Darcy, Ve, Nick and Mimi will wish their way right into your heart.

Blake has crafted characters that not only include some delightful witches but the familiars are absolutely charming! Archie and Pepe had me in stitches. Easy for Pepe as he’s a tailor who also happens to be a mouse. Archie is a parrot that can quote a line from almost any movie. Archie has a unique run in with a very large dog that had me giggling out loud and reading the snippet to everyone I could.

The story has a really fairy tale feel. As Pepe was sewing away I was picturing the mice in Cinderella as they granted her wishes. Heather Blake wraps her fairy tale with a bewitching mystery, snappy dialogue, and a bit of romance in a truly Enchanted Village.

A magical story to escape into today. It is a fun, lighthearted read that I know you will enjoy. Watch for the next book in this series, The Good, the Bad and the Witchy: A Wishcraft Mystery hitting shelves in April 2013.

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